Benefits to keep you balanced.

Benefit Programs

An important factor in your consideration of career opportunities with any company must be that portion of your total compensation that will help you build financial independence and provide protection against the unexpected for the years ahead. Salary is only a part of a well-developed compensation program. As a P&G employee, you receive more than just a paycheck. Total compensation includes your pay (base salary), benefit programs like medical insurance, life insurance, as well as stock purchase programs and other forms of recognition.

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  • Health & Wellness Programs: P&G vision is to have the healthiest, most-engaged people in the world. P&G’s Vibrant Living Program is designed to create an environment that encourages and enables employees (and their dependents) to make healthy choices. In all regions where P&G has employees, a holistic menu of health and wellness programs, activities, and tools are available for the employees and their families, including: Vibrant Living Health Centers On-Site, Healthy Dining Options, Fitness & Massages Options On-Site, access to Private Health Insurance and many more.
  • Life Insurance: P&G provides life and disability insurance in order to secure important protection in the time of need for employees and their families. All are eligible for Life and Disability Insurance from the first day of employment with P&G
  • Stock Ownership: Employees can use their salary to purchase shares in P&G, with a co-contribution from P&G.

Work-life Balance

We know that increasing globalization requires connections far beyond traditional schedules. We encourage employees and their managers to focus on personalized flexibility, designed to deliver business results and enable employees to grow their careers while meeting personal needs. This can impact where, when and how work gets done.

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  • Work from Home: If the nature of your work is conducive, your performance is strong, and the arrangement fits within the needs of the business and organization employees may be eligible to work from home a designated % of time each week.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Provides an employee alternative methods of organizing work time across the week to meet both business and personal needs. Flex Scheduling provides an option to vary the number of hours in the workday to improve productivity.
  • Personal Leave of Absence: A Personal Leave of Absence enables the Company to meet business needs and retain valued employees who, for a variety of reasons and at different times in their careers, need to take up to three months off periodically without pay, with continued benefits, for individual interest.

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