P&G Ambassadors are a group of enthusiastic students from different international students’ associations and various academic disciplines at several universities located in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Latvia!

For the whole academic year 2017/18 they are working on getting students a little bit closer to an exciting career in P&G. 

P&G Ambassadors are responsible for:

  • promoting P&G and increasing awareness about our company on targeted campuses
  • helping P&G better understand student's expectations
  • providing on-campus support for P&G Recruitment Team

 As our ambassador you will:

  • be assigned a mentor who will help you accomplish tasks and grow professionally,
  • regularly and directly work with business representatives,
  • gain understanding of what it means to be a P&G employee,
  • participate in P&G Ambassadors meeting and exchange experiences with other ambassadors (transport and accommodation covered),
  • receive extensive training in employer branding, digital recruitment and soft skills.

Challenge yourself and apply for P&G Ambassador Program NOW!

We are looking for students of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of studies, preferably from economics and technical faculties at selected Universities in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia and Latvia (detailed list below).

Advanced English and team work spirit are required.

To pass the recruitment process for the position of P&G Ambassador you need to:

  1. Apply online
  2. Take Online Assessment and pass our Reasoning Test (learn more on: http://ce.pgcareers.com/join-us/hiring-process)
  3. Do an interview.

If you want to learn more, please contact our current Ambassadors

  • List of Universities where you can apply to be P&G Ambassador:

    List of universities where you can apply to be a P&G Ambassador:


    Czech Republic

    Czech Technical University in Prague

    Charles University in Prague

    Masaryk University in Brno



    Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB)

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

    Budapest Business School (BGF)

    Central European University

    University of Pecs

    Miskolc University

    Pallasz Athéné Kecskemét



    University of Warsaw (faculty of Management)

    Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw

    Kozminski University

    University of Economics in Krakow

    Łódź University of Technology

    University of Economics in Wroclaw

    University of Economics in Katowice

    Gdansk University of Technology

    Technical University of Lublin



    Comenius University in Bratislava

    University of Economics in Bratislava

  • Contact P&G Ambassadors at your University:


    University of Zagreb: ROKO (r.kostan@ambassadorpg.com)

    I enjoyed hearing real life experiences from the trainees and employees about their tasks, duties and their role at P&G. I think that visiting the office in Budapest gave me a good impression on how a possible work at P&G would look like.



    Prague University of Economics (VŠE): MONIKA (m.salatova@ambassadorpg.com)

    The best part about the program is that you get to know the company from the inside and you can then pass this insight to the students who are interested in working in P&G.



    Corvinus University of Budapest: LEVENTE (l.szabados@ambassadorpg.com)

    I have the opportunity to participate in trainings and workshops and learn what employer branding looks like at a leading FMCG firm.


    Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME): NORA (n.ormay@ambassadorpg.com)

    I became a P&G Ambassador because I love working with passionate, funny and precise people and that's exactly what I experienced.


    University of Szeged: TAMAS (t.zalanyi@ambassadorpg.com)

    I like that we got to know the company philosophy and meet people from different departments and different levels of expertise.



    Stockholm School of Economics in Riga: EVGENIA (e.raiko@ambassadorpg.com)



    Warsaw School of Economics (SGH): MARCIN (m.wolf@ambassadorpg.com)


    Warsaw School of Economics (SGH): LUKASZ (l.kreft@ambassadorpg.com)

    My motivation to join the ambassador program is the desire to get in contact with the business from a different perspective, broaden knowledge about the company and encourage students to take part in interesting activities.


    University of Lodz : ROKSANA (b.bibic@pg.com)

    What I like the most in this program is that I can meet people who started from the same place and are now P&G experts.


    Lodz University of Technology: WOJTEK (w.koska@ambassadorpg.com)

    The ambassador program was a great opportunity for me to start the swap from university to work. It is a bridge which helps us at the start of our career.


    Wroclaw University of Technology: KUBA (k.dettlaff@ambassadorpg.com)

    The reason I joined the program is that P&G offers a lot in terms of contests and workshops for future managers. Plus, I get to take part in changing recruitment and promotion strategies of the company.


    Wroclaw University of Economics: MAGDA (m.kwiecinska@ambassadorpg.com)

    Although applying for the Ambassador Program was quite a spontaneous decision of mine, I have never - even for a moment - regreted it. I think it is the best opportunity to get to know a worldwide recognized company from the inside, while still studying at your university.


    University of Warsaw (management): PATRYK (p.nowak@ambassadorpg.com)


    Warsaw University of Technology: AGATA (bibic.b@pg.com)

    I like learning and discovering new things. For example, during Ambassadors meeting, we can share thoughts, ideas and learn from each other. I also enjoy helping students reach good opportunities that P&G offers and having a real impact on how promotion at my University looks like.


    Kozminski University: ANASTASIIA (a.beztalanna@ambassadorpg.com)


    Poznan University of Economics: PIOTR (p.wilhelm@ambassadorpg.com)


    Poznan University of Technology: MAGDA (m.przewozna@ambassadorpg.com)


    Krakow University of Economics: JUSTYNA (b.bibic@pg.com)


    AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow: OLA (a.blaszczyk@ambassadorpg.com)


    Gdansk University of Technology: MATEUSZ (m.iwanowski@ambassadorpg.com)



    Comenius University in Bratislava: DANIEL (d.ondra@ambassadorpg.com