We all spend a major part of our waking lives in the workplace. The environment has an impact. It can destroy morale, be neutral or boost excitement. We are the company renowned for innovative leadership. Therefore, our office and plant space has been designed to enhance curiosity, make people keep an open mind and feel it is acceptable to take a risk.

Any home setting says a lot about the values of its inhabitants. In the same way our workplace reflects a part of ourselves. We have carved the vision and operating principles of P&G Central Europe in stone. The values are made tangible, real, so that those working in P&G space would be literally immersed in them. 


This is where you can find us: 

Warsaw General Office - including Global Business Services (IT)

Zabraniecka 20 St.

03-872 Warsaw

Phone: +48-22-678-55-44

Fax: +48-22-678-86-64

Budapest General Office

1082 Budapest

Kisfaludy u. 38

Phone: +36-1-451-1301

The European Planning Service Center in Warsaw (PSC)

Konstruktorska Business Center, Warsaw

Konstruktorska 13 st.,

02-673 Warsaw

Phone: +48 22 204 5858

Fax: +48 22 884 5896

Prague Sales Office 

Karolinska 2 St.

186 00 Prague 8

Fax: +420-221-804-403

Baltics Main Office

Kr. Valdemara 21

LV 1010 Riga, Latvia

Phone: +37-1-701-51-00

Fax: +37-1-701-51-64

Bratislava Sales Office

Aupark Tower, Einsteinova 24 St.

851 01  Bratislava, Slovakia

Phone: +427-213-883

Fax: +427-213-946 

Zagreb Sales Office 

Bani 110

10 010 Zagreb

Phone: +385-01-6690-300

Fax: +385-01-6690-33

Pampers Plant 

 Zabraniecka 20 St.

 03-872 Warsaw

 Phone: +48-22-678-55-44

 Fax: +48-22-678-86-64

Gillette Plant

Nowy Józefów 70

94-406 Łódź

Phone: +48-42-272-70-00

Fax: +48-42-272-72-93

Olay Plant

11 Listopada 103 A

95-070 Aleksandrów Łódzki

Phone: +48-42-270-61-00

Rakona Plant

Ottova 402

269 32 Rakovnik, Czech Republic

Phone: 420-313-5225-10

Hyginett Plant

Hatar u.3

2141 Csomor, Hungary

Phone: +36-28-54-4600

Fax: +36-28-54-4793