Your career development can be lateral at a level, progressive across levels within the function or even across functions or horizontal. There are numerous types of assignments at each level and each career path in our company. 

SPECIALIST LEVELS – build specialist knowledge & deep mastery skills to be a true expert in a particular area. Continuity is expected to excel. Responsible for multiple work processes that require strong technical expertise to deliver established work process in the function with accuracy and efficiency. Work includes both standard and non-standard work with improvement of work processes and increasing self efficiency. Main interaction will be within the market and team. The role requires personally setting objectives and following through.

Job requires:

  • Development in specific area of expertise
  • Becoming an expert
  • Technical skills


MANAGEMENT LEVELS – fast track with higher challenge and pressure to advance. Often larger business organizational responsibility that requires strong leadership skill. Lead projects which require multiple resources and functional involvements and

be accountable for process measures in business and organizational results. Getting

results despite resistance, by engaging, influencing and negotiation skills. Learning functional mastery fast and be ready to take additional responsibilities at next level in limited period of time.

Job requires:

  • People management
  • Additional soft skills
  • Leadership

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