I will build IT solutions creating a Global impact with P&G

Our IT work – Big Challenges are here!

Poland is the home of service centers supporting the company’s business units throughout the world.

One of them is the Global Business Services in Warsaw, which specializes in designing and implementing IT tools and systems. Big part of our organization work with solutions in the area of Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data. These solutions are used by P&G employees all over the world. It is second largest P&G global centers after Cincinnati, providing this type of service.

GBS Central Europe scope of work is unlimited

  • Across all geographies of P&G
  • Across all Business Units/ Departments (Baby Care, Feminine Care, Family Care, etc.)
  • Across all Functions (Marketing, Finance, HR, R&D etc.)
  • 300 people
  • Over 15 nationalities
  • Managing global IT solutions


  • You do not make coffee, you make decisions" - read about Kasia's internship experience

    Meet Kasia - a member of our GBS IT team

    The most important points which make the P&G internship an unforgettable experience:

    1. You do not make coffee, you make decisions – you will be surprised how big of an area of responsibility you will assume from day one
    2. You solve puzzles and answer tricky questions – you will be given a problem, however how it will be solved, will depend entirely on you – you need to wisely leverage the available resources
    3. You are taken out of your comfort zone and thrown in at the deep end – you will need to show that you are brave enough to approach people you do not know with problems which you might not fully understand at the time
    4.  You meet incredibly talented people who stand out from the crowd of the most creative young professionals – you will be able to expand your network and learn a lot (they are also a lot of fun to spend time with outside of the working hours :)
    5. You gather IT knowledge that is the key to success in the current, ever-changing environment – even if you do not have a technical background, you will quickly get to know the most important IT concepts and learn how to apply them to different business domains

    My own experience:

    During my Internship I was working for our Boss who we have been serving for over 175 years. This boss is the consumer of P&G products.

    P&G has always been pleasing its consumers with design and packaging of our products, in order to win the "first moment of truth", which is when the consumer faces the goods on the shop shelves and decides to buy them for the very first time. P&G has also been working hard to win its consumers in the "second moment of truth" by the quality of our brands, making sure that they are satisfied while using the purchased goods. Nowadays, however, it is not enough. We are meeting a new generation of consumers who do their research online before they even enter the shop, which is why we need to focus enormously on our presence in the digital space. This is what we call a zero moment of truth and I was working on winning it for P&G during my Summer Internship.

    If you are brave enough to accept such a challenge, I recommend that you apply for P&G internship still today.

  • "Work life balance is not only a theory here" - read more from Bianka

    Meet Bianka - a member of our GBS IT team

    I'm in P&G for almost 5 years and I very much enjoy working in IT. My everyday work is a mix of project management, business processes transformation and application management. My current focus is delivering solutions for our Sales department. In one of my projects I worked on designing new business processes for our sales representatives in Central Europe. After agreeing on how people should work, we introduced iPads and a mobile application to support our sales representatives at their new daily routine. As a result we increased their productivity and reduced printing costs.

    Currently I`m working on a B2B eCommerce solution between P&G and some of our customers. Before coming to P&G I worked in several companies and I appreciate here some things probably more than average “P&G raised employees” (people who started their work here just after university). First of all, you have a lot of flexibility in designing your own career path – you change your roles every few years, which allows you to develop in different areas and you don't get bored.  Secondly P&G respects employees and their personal life. Work life balance is not only a theory here. And talking about free time, I like spending it with my friends, watching football games and movies. I also love travelling and working in a global company gives me opportunity to meet some great people who I can later visit in my private trips.

  • "At P&G you continuously develop yourself by managing challenging projects or learning from your peers and mentors" - read more from Ola

    Meet Ola - a member of our GBS IT team

    Hi, I’m Ola.

    I joined P&G in 2010 right after 3 months Summer Internship.

    Since the very beginning I was working on global IT projects with people from all over the world.

    Over last few years here I’ve introduced mobile applications for thousands of distributors’ sellers and hundreds of merchandisers across the world.

    In my current role I have a chance to explore Customer Relationship Management area. As a part of onboarding to this role I took IT Service Management training that helped me a lot! I also spent 2 weeks in India to meet my new business partners. Time there allowed me to experience this amazing country and its culture as well grow professionally. At P&G you continuously develop yourself by managing challenging projects or learning from your peers and mentors, who inspire you. You get a chance to control your career and personal life (e.g. by using home office arrangement).

    I strongly encourage you to apply for an internship or a full time job here! Good luck! :)

  • Rafal

    "Every new employee here is given the greatest head start I could imagine" - read more from Rafał

    Meet Rafał - a member of our GBS IT team

    My name is Rafał, and I've joined P&G almost year ago. Right from the start I've been given great number of possibilities to increase my skills and enhance the way I deliver projects. For me, as an IT technical guy, P&G is a great place to be - working with "living" production environments that uses world's latest technology is an opportunity you won't find at universities.

    During my experience here, I've already had a chance to participate in a variety of projects, where my roles oscillated from being technical matter expert, through delivering as a platform engineer, finally to leading a team as a project manager. Majority of my work is located in area of Big Data, where I can work with specialists from all over the world with a world-level knowledge. One of my roles there is being a Data Engineer - working as such, I'm delivering results of platform performance studies I lead, which enables our applications to work faster, and provide result with a quality we desire. I've also had a chance to test myself as a trainer, leading technical trainings and case studies for P&G employees from China.

    That's another proof, that if you're looking for exciting projects and chance to meet people from the other side of the globe, P&G is a company you're looking for. Every new employee here is given the greatest head start I could imagine. Join us today!

  • Dominika

    “The great thing about working here is that you are a true manager from day one.” – read about Dominika’s IT Traineeship experience

    Meet Dominika - a member of our GBS IT team

    My name is Dominika, I study Data Analysis of Big data at Warsaw School of Economics and I joined P&G in June as a Trainee in Consumer Solutions Team. The great thing about working here is that you are a true manager from day one – you get a set of responsibilities, which you are accountable for. I manage operations and releases for a huge database, containing our consumers data from all over the world. This means new challenges every day and dealing with some unexpected situations and issues, which allows me to learn very fast. What I value a lot is the atmosphere in the office – everyone is really friendly and eager to help. You can find lots of people who share the same interests and hobbies – for me there is always someone I can talk about crossfit or travelling.

  • "If you want to get in touch with big business and IT - it is definitely something for you.” – read about Jakub’s Summer Internship experience

    Meet Kuba - a member of our GBS IT team

    Summer Internship at P&G was a great adventure for me. I have learned new things, discovered skills I was not aware of, and met a lot of fantastic people. I was always interested in IT, but programming was not my thing at all - Procter & Gamble gave me the opportunity to become IT Manager and be responsible for my own projects. Participation in the internship program was a totally new experience for me, and if you want to get in touch with big business and IT - it is definitely something for you.


In our IT Department in Warsaw we also look for experienced candidates.