• rakona

    Procter & Gamble Rakona established in 1991 has today 570 employees including 110 Engineers working in managerial positions of Rakona Manufacturing Plant and Engineering Center.

    Rakona manufacturing plant belongs to the top ten biggest sites out of 140 P&G plants worldwide, currently is the biggest detergent plant in Europe and the site is further expanding to fulfill the needs of markets both in Central and Western Europe.
    Rakona produces 15 product brands in 170 product variants, including laundry detergents Ariel, Dash, Tide, Bonux, cleaning detergent Jar or fabric softener Lenor. Since 2004 cosmetics products Old Spice, Secret, and since 2007 Gillette. Rakona operation exports its production to more than 25 countries in the Western, Central and Eastern Europe.