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If business, innovation and technology is what moves you, we have great news for you! Nurture Your Future by P&G IT will give you the unique opportunity to learn more about IT at P&G via newsletters, only seminars or even getting a P&G IT Buddy – and it will give us a chance to learn from you too! Take a look at the articles here below and keep in touch with P&G IT.

  • fourth industrial

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

    The fourth industrial revolution will be as a result of digital transformation, resulting in the fusion of technologies that is breaking down boundries between the digital, physical and biological fields, however…

    What does the future most resemble, Terminator or C3PO?

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  • Artificial Intelligence – When your work mate is a robot.

    Advances in artificial intelligence have increased the use of these “tools” beyond factories or assembly lines, making healthy working relationships with office workers possible.

    How will it be working hand in hand with them?

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  • Human characteristics that a robot could never have

    Computers are able to make choices based on information we provide them with but that is very difference from what is understood as judgement or experience.

    How close is artificial intelligance able to get to emulating human beings?

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  • Storytelling in an IT job interview

    If storytelling works in order to sell a product it is equally relevant when it comes to selling our skills in the best possible way in a job interview.

    Can your story help you get the job you want?

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  • Top 10 Technical Skills Required By Human Resources Experts

    There are many professional profiles which are related to technology, and even though necessities change while technology advances, these 10 specialisations or skill are the most in demand for businesses in 2017.  

    How many of these skills do you think you possess?

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  • 5 Technological professions with a long future

    Technology is already present in everything we do and it will be even more so. IT professionals are one of the most in demand profiles.

    What will technology experts work as in a few years?

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  • The portrait of the future worker

    The new generation, born and educated in a technological world, are changing the curent working model in companies with different ways of thinking and going about things differently than previous generations.  

    Do you fit this model of the future worker?

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  • Three ways in which virtual reality could impact our future jobs

    Although the big explosion of virtual reality is on its way, there are a number of companies that have already started to carry out pilot tests in a corperate field.

    Can you see yourself working on Mars from your office desk?

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  • The right to disconnect or how hours of leisure time make you a better professional.

    When faced with balancing your professional and personal life, its important to put limits on work, limits that new technologies have blurred, practically to the point of non existence.

    Find out how to disconnect to make yourself a better professional

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  • Going beyond Email: Collaborating tools that can make work easier

    Although email continues to be the most essential work tool for many professionals, several alternatives are starting to be introduced to our day to day work.

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